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Electrician Oklahoma City & Tulsa OK

Oklahoma City electrician working

At Airco Service we are more than just heating and air. When looking for an electrician, Oklahoma City and Tulsa turn to Airco for all of their electrical needs.

Rest assured we’ll be there for you when you need us the most by offering our 24 hour emergency response to your electrical issues when or if a problems arises. Our area of expertise is repair, remodeling and retrofit for not only standard electrical hookups, but also mechanical controls, panel replacements, build-outs, service rebuilds and more. We have electricians in Oklahoma City and Tulsa standing by to fix your problem and have you up and running again quickly.

All of our Tulsa and Oklahoma City electricians are licensed, trained, and certified by the State of Oklahoma and we provide 24 hour a day emergency service for your peace of mind. Schedule a appointment with one of our electricians today.

A Variety of Electrical Related Options to Choose From:

Oklahoma electrical code is complicated, so you do not want to trust your electrical system to an untrained/unlicensed technician. All of our electricians are licensed and have decades of experience installing electrical distribution panels, circuits, devices and lighting in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Here are just some of the electrical services our Oklahoma City and Tulsa electricians Provide: 

  • Upgrade and Rebuild Of Main Electrical Service
  • Installation / Replacement Of Breaker and Fuse Panels
  • Installation and Maintenance For Stand-by Generator Systems
  • Wiring Of New Circuits For Any Electrical Item
  • Installation Of New Energy Efficient Lighting 
  • Main Service Surge Protection
  • Whole Home Electrical Inspections 
As well as Replacement, Troubleshooting, and Installation Of
- Switches, Dimmers, Breakers, Timers, Disconnects and
  Other Types Of Controls
- Receptacles, GFI / ARC Fault Protected Receptacles,
  Equipment Receptacles, and Other Types Of Plug-ins
- Light Fixtures, Recessed Can Lights, Ceiling Fans, Under
  Cabinet Lighting, Security Lighting, and Accent Lighting


Call us today to schedule your appointment with one of our electricians. Oklahoma City residence can reach us at 405-715-2665 and Tulsa residents can call 918-252-5667.